Azerbaijan Film Commission Launches with an Opening Ceremony

Azerbaijan Film Commission Launches with an Opening Ceremony

Azerbaijan Film Commission held an opening ceremony at the International Mugham Center on 28 June 2021 to celebrate the establishment of the commission. The opening ceremony began with congratulatory speeches and presentations by Anar Karimov, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilkin Mahammadli, Director of Azerbaijan Film Commission and Rufat Hasanov, Head of Cinematography Department at the Ministry of Culture. The event was attended by representatives of various ministries, government officials, diplomatic missions, representatives of filming industries of Turkey and Russia, local productions and media.

‘The opening of Azerbaijan Film Commission will put us under the spotlight, it will allow both international and local professional communities to discover Azerbaijan as a filming destination. Our goal is to unlock the potential of the country’, Mahammadli noted in his speech.

Rufat Hasanov, head of cinematography at Ministry of Culture, noted that the role of the commission is to promote Azerbaijan as a country with lasting film traditions.

‘We also strive to motivate international filmmakers to come to Azerbaijan and co-produce projects with our local talented filmmakers, Hasanov said.

“Filming Azerbaijan” Azerbaijan Film Commission was established in January, 2021, by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan to support and encourage film productions in Azerbaijan as a new and unique destination. Our mission is to improve recognition of Azerbaijan as a stunning and economically viable location and put the potential of Azerbaijani audiovisual sector to effective use.

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